Congratulations to Travis Moss!

Travis J. Moss, MD has won first place in the Jos Willems Young Investigator Competition at this year’s International Society for Computerized Electrocardiography meeting for his work entitled, “Continuous ECG monitoring of cardiorespiratory dynamics detects clinical deterioration in acute care patients with cardiovascular disease.”

This Big Data study of more than 8000 patients on our 4th floor showed the value of continuous EKG monitoring data in early detection of patient deterioration leading to emergent transfer to an ICU.

Great work, Travis!  You represent us very well indeed.

P.S. And if you liked that, you will love:

Acute Noncardiovascular Illness in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Holland EM, Moss TJ.
J Am Coll Cardiol. 2017 Apr 25;69(16):1999-2007.

(That’s right – a study published in the #1 journal in cardiology that was conceived, executed and written up by a UVa resident and a UVa fellow and no one else.  Well done!)

–Randall Moorman

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