Request for Nominations for the T32 NRSA Neuroendocrinology Training Grant

Mentors on the Research Training in Neuroendocrinology grant:

Gene (Barrett) and I formally invite you to nominate postdoctoral trainees for T32 NRSA support (Research Training in Neuroendocrinology [RTN] Program).

Prospective trainees can formally apply to the RTN T32 Program by submitting the following: current CV; a 1-2 page Personal Statement (including research experience, career goals, and how the postdoctoral experience will meet the candidate’s research training needs); and a brief Research Proposal (maybe 3-4 pages) including research aims, hypotheses to be tested, some general background, and the basics of methods/experimental approach.

Tying the research proposal to neuroendocrinology (in a broad sense) and to the overall goals of NIDDK will be important. (If you need help understanding how to tie the research to neuroendocrinology, maybe I can help. Basically, the research should somehow be related to interactions among endocrinology, metabolism, and neurological systems.)

In addition, we will need the following information from the sponsoring mentor: current grant support (with dates) and information regarding postdoctoral fellows you have trained previously (including time frame and current positions).

A few additional bits of information to consider. We will expect that those receiving T32 support will write an individual NRSA or foundation fellowship early (e.g., first six months) of her/his fellowship training. The second year of fellowship support will be contingent upon satisfactory progress during the first year of support. Also, as most of you know, only US citizens or Permanent Residents are eligible for NRSA support.

Thank you so much!

Chris (McCartney)

For more information, please contact Dr. McCartney at




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