THRIV Scholars Named

We are pleased to announce the selection of the inaugural class of Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (THRIV) Scholars!

We received 14 excellent applications from three different schools at UVA for this mentored career development award (internally funded by the School of Medicine).  Five Scholars have been named:

Jessica Keim-Malpass, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, Department of Acute and Specialty Care, School of Nursing (Elizabeth Epstein, PhD, RN, Chair)

Research Proposal:  A pragmatic clinical trial evaluating impact of continuous predictive monitoring on nurse-driven outcomes in a dynamic intensive care setting (J. Randall Moorman, MD, Primary Mentor)

Kyle J. Lampe, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (William Epling, PhD, Chair)

Research Proposal:  Bioengineered Hydrogels to Facilitate 3D Neural Stem Cell Survival and Growth in a Stroke Environment (Bradford B. Worrall, MD, MSc, Primary Mentor)

Kathleen McManus, MD, MS, Assistant Professor (July 1, 2017), Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease, School of Medicine (Mitchell Rosner, MD, Chair)

Research Proposal:  Affordable Care Act’s effects on persons living with HIV (PLWH) in Virginia (Rebecca Dillingham, MD, MPH, Primary Mentor)

Brynne Sullivan, MD, Assistant Professor (July 1, 2017), Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine (James Nataro, MD, PhD, MBA, Chair)

Research Proposal:  Pulse Oximetry Cardiorespiratory Scores to Predict Adverse Events and Outcomes in Premature Infants (J. Randall Moorman, MD, Primary Mentor)

Dustin Walters, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine (Irving L. Kron, Chair)

Research Proposal:  The Role of CD8+ T Cell Mediated Tolerance in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Sasha Krupnick, MD, Primary Mentor)

Award Details:

Call for proposals announced: January 20, 2017

Applications received: April 15, 2017

Reviews complete:  May 15, 2017

Interviews of selected candidate complete:  May 24, 2017

Awards announced:  May 26, 2017

Awards begin:  July 1, 2017

Type and amount of funding:

  • 75% salary/fringe support (total up to $120,000/year) for 2 consecutive years
  • Up to $50,000/year in research related expenses including travel, tuition, etc for both years of the award

Award requirements:

The Scholar must commit 75% effort to the training and mentored research.  The Scholar’s department chair must commit to 75% protected time for the Scholar and provide a clear description of the non-research activities. The applicant’s department must guarantee a funded 3rd year of 75% protected time in the event that the Scholar has not yet received an external mentored career development award or national independent investigator funding.

Please join us in congratulating our THRIV Scholars!


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