Student work in the lab

   THRIV: Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia


   Advancing Clinical and Translational Science

Across the University of Virginia’s sprawling grounds, scientists are brimming with health-related research questions and innovative ideas for advancing patient care. But many work in isolation within their own departments, unsure of how and where to find partners across disciplines to broaden the impact of their scientific quests.

THRIV is here to help. We are UVA’s front door for researchers—regardless of experience, background or discipline—to connect with potential partners, funding resources, and regulatory and compliance guidance. We offer a streamlined process to help you establish collaboration agreements and facilitate efficiencies in setting up and conducting new clinical and translational research. Our focus is to integrate data from the earliest stages of research to useful application to improve the health of people in Virginia and beyond.

   THRIV’s primary areas of focus are

  • Informatics:

    THRIV integrates and uses health-related data to improve the health of citizens of the Commonwealth.

  • Community Collaboration:

    We facilitate connections between colleagues across grounds, as well as beyond the university. We bring together corporations, non-profit organizations, public schools, state and federal health departments, and so many others to collaborate on health-related research that ultimately will benefit the community.

  • Education:

    THRIV prepares the next generation of healthcare researchers through education and career development opportunities.