What is iTHRIV?


What is iTHRIV?

The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) is a collaboration of public and private institutions across the Commonwealth of Virginia that promotes shared resources and best practices, team science, community engagement and innovation.

iTHRIV integrates data science approaches through all aspects of clinical translational research in order to speed discovery and improve the health of our communities. iTHRIV is committed to train and equip the next generation of clinical and translational researchers.

Our partners:  Inova, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech Carilion

Our local affiliates:  UVA Licensing and Ventures Group, Center for Open Science

Our organizing principle: Health care solutions are hidden in underutilized data. Our overall goal is to support clinical translational research for the benefit of the diverse rural and urban populations we serve by expanding iTHRIV infrastructure and improving processes.

Our unified approach: Integrate data and data analytics to accelerate and streamline scientific workflows for clinical trials, innovative therapeutic advancements, and the creation of more personalized approaches to healthcare.

The iTHRIV Mission

Through the Commons (cross-state informatics infrastructure) and the Research Concierge Services, iTHRIV will remove barriers to discovery in Virginia and beyond.

Start getting to know us at www.ithriv.org.