Funding Opportunity:  American Cancer Society’s University of Virginia Cancer Center Institutional Award

The American Cancer Society has awarded the University of Virginia Cancer Center an Institutional Research Award. The major objective of the Institutional Research Award is to support the development of newly independent investigators to conduct cancer research including basic, translational, psychosocial and behavioral research, and cancer care for the economically disadvantaged. 

The American Cancer Society’s policies and guidelines governing eligibility for Institutional Research Awards are as follows: Grants will be awarded to faculty members who are citizens or noncitizen nationals of the U.S. or have been admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence.  Investigators must be within 6 years of their first independent research or faculty appointment.  Senior investigators or postdoctoral fellows are not eligible.  Investigators currently supported with national research awards are not eligible.  Investigators with active K99/R00 awards are NOT eligible to apply.  However, investigators whose initial grant was not renewed and are still at level of assistant professor and within 6 years of their first appointment may apply.  Investigators are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Roger Abounader (  if they have any questions about eligibility.

Click here for instructions for ACS applications

Awards will be made up to a maximum of $30,000.  We expect to fund 3 projects.  Individual allocations can be used for equipment, consumable supplies and limited technical support (the ACS discourages the use of Institutional Grant Funds for the support of full-time technical help.)  Please see attached instructions for allowed and not allowed expenditures.  In the past, these awards have been a most valuable resource for new cancer investigators at the University.

Click here for ACS IRG Pilot Project Application

Applications must be made using the ACS IRG forms.  The application and biographical sketch should be sent as a single PDF file to Dr. Roger Abounader (  The deadline for submission of applications is 5:00 PM on Friday November 2nd, 2018.
Second Year of Support.

Investigators who have received support from the ACS IRG program in the previous year are eligible to apply for a second year of funding, but priority will be given to funding new projects.   Investigators interested in applying for a second year of funding should use the same application form.   They should restate each of the specific aims and describe in detail the progress made toward reaching each of the original specific aims.   In addition, they should in detail explain why a second year of support is needed and provide a budget justification.

Dina Gould Halme, PhD
Director of Research Administration and Strategic Planning
UVA Cancer Center

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