The Art of Resilience and Recovery

The Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition invites you to a celebration of resilience and recovery through art. The Art of Recovery exhibit showcases artwork by community members depicting what what resilience and recovery mean to them.

Resilience and recovery banners created through Region Ten, the Suicide Prevention and Awareness Resource Council, the Women’s Initiative, On Our Own, Jefferson Area CHIP, UVA Counseling and Psychological Services, Addiction Recovery Services Pantops, the UVA Health System and other groups will be on display. A short presentation of spoke word poetry and a presentation by the On Our Own Players will happen from 6:45 – 7:45.

The exhibit will be open on December 7th from 5 pm to 8 pm, and a performance and speaker will present at 7 pm.

Location:  CitySpace, 100 5th Street, NE, Charlottesville, Va

Telling our stories of resilience and recovery is an important part of reducing stigma related to mental health and substance use challenges. Individually and collectively, the banners will help create greater understanding of these challenges, and highlight the many different kinds of supports that help people on their journeys to wellness.

More information on this event or on the coalition:

Homepage – BBE

The THRIV Team and friends held a workshop and created a banner that will be displayed at the exhibit (pictured below).  We hope you will join us!



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